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Hedges are an important feature in any garden as they provide colour and mark boundaries.  A neatly trimmed hedge can help add to the overall appeal of your property, add structure to your garden, and ensure access for pedestrians is not impeded.

Keeping your hedge trimmed not only enhances the overall visual appearance, but it will also help promote fuller, thicker growth, strengthens roots, and reduces chance of disease. 

Why use a professional to trim your hedge?

Cutting a hedge is a skilled job. At Premier Lawns we are fully trained, licensed, and insured with a wealth of experience in cutting hedges.  

We have the correct tools, machinery, and personal protective equipment to operate safely.  Our ladders help us access hard to reach places and give us a safe working height of up to twelve feet, more than enough for most hedges.  

Our knowledge of different species of plant hedge means we use the correct cutting approach required for your particular hedge, and we will advise you on the best time of year to trim your hedge.

We take care to minimise disturbance to wildlife such as birds, mammals, and insects who may be seeking shelter and food from your hedge.  Common species of hedges that we deal with include Beech, Hornbeam, Box, Privet, Yew, Cherry Laurel, Leyllandii, Holly, Blackthorn, Hawthron and Berberis. 

We pride ourselves on leaving clean spaces, and our quotes include tidying up and disposing of the waste as standard. 

Due to the high demand for our lawn treatment service, we no longer do one off hedge cutting jobs and only off this service to existing client



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