Why should I treat my lawn?

A healthy-looking well-maintained lawn can help set off your garden as well as complement your house.  But beautiful lawns do not just happen by chance, they are the product of careful care and nurturing. 

Just like we humans grass plants require a regular supply of nutritious food to grow big, strong and healthy.  Although grass obtains natural nutrients from the soil, over time these are used up and the grass quickly becomes pale, thin, yellow, and growth is stunted.  These low nutrient conditions are a breeding ground for weeds and moss, and the lawn is less resistant to drought and disease.  By feeding your lawn a regular supply of supplementary plant food high in vitamins and minerals, applied correctly and at the right times, your lawn will grow thick, lush, green, and healthy all year round. 

The science behind lawn feeding

Most lawn food will contain three key mineral nutrients, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, also commonly known in the lawn care world as NPK: 

Nitrogen (N) which helps with strong root and shoot growth and encourages chlorophyll production which gives the plant that vibrant green colour.

Phosphorus (P) which encourages strong root development and root growth, this is particularly helpful when overseeding or trying to establish new grass. 

Potassium (K) which improves general plant health, is critical for stress relief, and helps strengthen the grass keeping it durable and resistant to harsh weather conditions, diseases, and general wear and tear. 

Why use a lawn care professional?

Lawn care can often be a complex science, and without proper knowledge you could end up causing untold damage to your lawn.  At Premier Lawns we have the knowledge and training to apply the correct balance of nutrients tailored to your lawn at the correct time of year.  The products we use when treating your lawn are professional grade and are superior to the domestic products that you will find in the garden centre or DIY store which are a lot less concentrated. 

A healthy lawn requires commitment of time and attention and it can be a difficult task to undertake by yourself.  Hiring a professional lawn care expert can often be a relatively small investment with huge benefits, and usually works out cheaper than investing in products and equipment. 

Our lawn care is designed with you in mind.  We will establish the requirements of your individual lawn and tailor our treatment accordingly. 

What to expect when you sign up to our lawn treatment programme

  • Five lawn treatments per year, each appropriate to combat seasonal variations of weeds and moss, with additional services as relevant to the package chosen. 
  • A lawn analysis and advice on how best to treat your lawn.
  • We work alongside our customers to help ensure the treatments and service are appropriate for you and your lawn. 
  • Helpful reminders on when your next treatment is due.
  • Flexible payment options.
  • Expert after-care advice on how to maintain your lawn after our visits including newsletters, email updates, online blog, and the option to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.  
  • The expertise of Robbie Lynn, a former greenkeeper fully trained to the highest standard from Greenmount Agricultural College with over 25 years of experience in lawn care and fine turf. 
  • Our team are certified and trained in the use of fertilisers and herbicides, and we are fully insured. 
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