We love to see a well-used lawn, it’s a sign of a summer well spent in the garden. As summer progresses, most family lawns will be put under stress. Children and pets playing, picnics and summer parties, all bring extra wear and tear to a summer lawn. And of course, prolonged dry weather means extra challenges for the plants.

As the nights start to close in, your lawn’s growing pattern changes and so do our treatments. Growth will slow down and your mower will probably spend more time in the shed. You may also start to notice the colour fading, becoming paler and more straw-like. This is the plants’ natural reaction to low soil moisture. Don’t worry, a good rain will soon green it up. In the mean time, it’s a good idea to book some late summer lawn treatments to help your lawn bounce back.

At this time of year, we at Premier Lawns focus on two things. First we want to help your lawn recover from summer. Then we will prepare it for the shorter, cooler days of  autumn.  

What’s included in a late summer lawn treatment?

Robbie and the Premier Lawns team start by applying slow-release fertiliser to help regenerate your lawn after dry spells. It will nourish your lawn and provide a rich thick sward that can cope well with wear and tear. The nutritionally balanced feed will also help your lawn to resist late summer and autumn lawn diseases.   Late summer is the time to start encouraging the growth of strong roots and hardy, frost-resistant leaves. 

If you’ve noticed a few weeds in your lawn, we apply a selective herbicide to control them.

Optional extras

To really boost your lawn’s recovery and promote good soil health, why not consider an application of Humic acid?  Humic acid is one of the three extra organic treatments offered as part of our Premier programme.

Our late summer lawn treatment is included across all of our lawn care programmes.

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