We love to see a well-used lawn, it is a sign of a summer well spent in the garden.  Most lawns will be put under extra stress during the summer from children and pets playing, and prolonged dry spells.  

As the nights start to close in the growing pattern changes and so do our treatments.  At this time of year, we focus on helping your lawn recover from a summer and preparing it for Autumn. 
We use a slow-release fertiliser to help regenerate your lawn after dry spells, it will nourish your lawn and provide a rich thick lawn that can ward off disease. 

On the off chance that you have any weeds left in your lawn we use out liquid herbicide application to control these weeds. 

Our late summer lawn treatment is included across all our lawn care programmes. 

But to really boost recovery you may want to consider an application of humic acid which will help the roots of the plant receive water and nutrients.  Humic acid is one of the three extra organic treatments offered as part of our Premier programme.

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