Our spring starter fertiliser is heat activated and starts to kick in as the soil temperature heats up. It wakes your lawn up and prepares the lawn for the growing season ahead, as well as boosting your lawns colour.  Unless you are a new Premier Lawns customer, we will spot treat for any weeds that are in your lawn.  We work off the basis that the less herbicide we put onto the lawn the healthier the lawn will be, instead we would rather provide you with tips and tricks of good lawn care and we only reach for the herbicide application as a last resort and not the first thing we go for. At Premier lawns we take a different approach to your lawn needs. 

Our spring starter lawn treatment is included across all our lawn care programmes

Spring is also a good time to perform scarification to remove moss and thatch, and aeration to relieve compaction and increase air space promoting healthier growing conditions.  Scarification and aeration are included in both our Standard and Premier lawn care programmes. 

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