Is your lawn in need of complete rejuvenation? 

There will sometimes be occasions where a lawn has deteriorated to the extent where it is not possible to nourish it back to full health and condition from applying the usual methods or treatments.

There may be specific problems with the grass plant itself which has led to the lawn being in such a poor state.  These may include disease, insect damage, substantial weed infestation, considerable levels of thatch in the lawn, or incorrect grasses may have been used on the lawn to begin with. 

More times than enough though, other home and family priorities have meant the lawn has been neglected, or it has simply run its course due to overuse through time – your much-loved and much-used family lawn and garden has served you and your family well over the years and it is now time for a complete lawn rejuvenation.  Many customers also tell us that their circumstances and lifestyles have changed, and with the children grown they would prefer an ornamental lawn. 

Whatever the reasons for your lawn requiring an overhaul, our rejuvenation programme will give you a new lawn at a much more affordable price than laying new turf. 

What does the programme entail?

Our lawn rejuvenation programme is a bespoke programme specifically tailored to each lawn’s individual requirements, and we will carry out a lawn survey and consultation with you. 

Depending on the lawn’s needs the process may consist of some or all of the following:

  • Killing off the existing lawn – this is only required in certain circumstances.
  • Aeration to relieve soil compaction, and allow clean air, nutrients, and water to reach the roots leading to healthier growing conditions.
  • Scarification to remove extensive moss and thatch build up.
  • Overseeding with seed specifically aimed at addressing any previous problems with the lawn.  This may involve the introduction of different types of grasses if incorrect grasses had been used when the lawn was first laid, for example introducing shade tolerant grass.  Or sometimes, we just need to thicken the lawn up.  
  • Top-dressing with sand.
  • Top-dressing with soil.
  • Top-dressing using a mix of both sand and soil.
  • Lawn feed.

How much does it cost?

The cost of each programme is dependent on the work that is necessary for each particular lawn.  It is more cost-effective to rejuvenate a lawn than to lay a new lawn from scratch as materials and labour can often be expensive.  

All lawn rejuvenation programmes include two follow-up visits with an application of seasonal lawn treatment at the time of each follow-up visit included in the price.  This also enables us to check on the progress of the new lawn and provide tailored follow-up advice on caring for your new lawn to ensure you get the full benefit from the programme. 

After your lawn rejuvenation and two follow up seasonal lawn treatments have been completed, we would recommend signing up to one of our lawn treatment programmes, as this constant care and attention will ensure that your newly rejuvenated lawn will last for years to come. 

This programme can be carried out at any time of the year apart from winter. 

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