Gardeners will agree that the success of cultivating any plant lies mainly in the soil. Soil improvement is an ongoing occupation for anyone interested in creating a beautiful garden. But how do you improve the soil beneath your lawn? After all – it’s not possible to dig in a load of manure!

Premier Lawns’ lawn improver lawn treatments are all about improving the soil beneath your lawn so that your grass has the best possible environment in which to grow. 

We use a range of seaweeds and bio stimulants to improve what goes on under your lawn.

The benefits of seaweed as a nutritional additive have been extensively tested and are well established. It’s is 100% sustainable and is farmed on the West coast of Ireland.  

Some of the benefits of adding seaweed to your lawn include:

  • Helps with plant establishment
  • Root growth and formation of adventitious roots
  • Improves soil structure
  • Reduces nutrients leaching
  • Improves the fertility of the soil
  • Increases the soil microbes

Seaweed is included in our Basic lawn care programme as part of our autumn and winter feeds.

To really achieve optimum results we recommend that it is used all year round and include it as part of all five lawn feeds within our Standard and Premier lawn care programmes. 


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