Driveway Cleaning & Restoration

Over time driveways, block paving and other hard surfaces can become tired and worn, often covered in moss and weeds.  At Premier Lawns we can have your driveway or patio looking like new in no time using our four step process.

The Four Step Process

  1. Weed Control: We treat the driveway or hard surface for weeds.  This is usually done a week or more before the next stage of the cleaning process.
  2. Cleaning: At a later date we use our flat surface cleaner to power wash and deep clean the surfaces.
  3. Re-sanding: We brush in kiln dried sand to stabilise the paving and help stop re-growth of weeds in any gaps.
  4. After-treatment: We apply a special after-treatment bio-fungicide to the paving to help prevent any re-growth of moss and algae keeping your surfaces looking newer for longer.

Our Power Washing Machine

We use a professional Honda 20” stainless steel flat surface power washer that puts out 21 litres of water per minute.  This is important as this high output means that the water does the cleaning rather than the pressure of the water, causing less friction and wear on the surfaces we clean.  It is also quicker meaning that we work more efficiently thus saving you money. Our flat surface cleaner also keeps the debris from the washing to a minimum.

How to clean a block paved driveway. Belfast & Newtownabbey

Further information on the driveway cleaning and pressure washing service along with case studies can be found on the blog.

*In many cases we can offer other products that remove the need for power washing – removal of green growth from hard surfaces*

Block paving cleaning with a flat surface cleaner
Re-sanding a block pave way with kiln dried sand
Softwash block paving after cleaning

Green growth, algae and moss control on hard surfaces

It is common to find growths such as algae, lichens, liverworts and moss growing on hard surfaces.  Contrary to popular belief, they do not damage what they are growing on, but can cause patios, drives, paths, and steps to become slippery and look extremely unsightly. 

Algae and algae-like growths

A green film or powdery deposit is typical of algae on paving, stonework and garden furniture.  The dark green or blackish jelly-like growths that often appear in damper, cooler weather on paths and areas of tarmac are incorrectly known as blue-green or gelatinous algae. 


Mosses commonly found on hard surfaces are usually cushion-like. 

Help with removing green growth, algae and moss from your home and garden. 

We use a Softclean product to get rid of biofilm formed by algae, the fluid is biological and is incredibly gentle to everything except algae and will not damage lawns or soils.  The treatment also works on moss on surfaces such as concrete, stonework, tarmac, walls, render, patios, greenhouses, decking and other timber. 

We are fully trained and certified to apply these products.  The Softclean product is applied using a special sprayer, it works within a few days, and it provides long-term results.  There is no need for power washing. 

Read more about the Premier Lawns Soft Washing Service, and other Exterior Cleaning Services we offer on the blog section of our website.

steps with algae before treatment
steps with algae after treatment
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