The majority of these lawns are on our package one lawn cutting services – we come every 3 times a month in the growing season March through to the end of September and include two free lawn treatments in that time.

This is one of my lawns in Greenisland

greenisland grass cutting


This is a lawn where the owner takes great pride in the lawn and as you can see from the pictures it pays off being able to cut a straight stripe!

There is something to behold in a freshly mown lawn like this

whithead lawn

The two pictures were taken on separate days….


guy cutting strippy lawn


We have a good number of lawns in newtownabbey, this one is in Jordanstown.

lynda farm

We also do one off lawn mowing, and grass cuts for new build properties. the images below are from a new build in glengormley that had got a little out of control and I was asked with getting it down to a height the home owner coould manage it at.


first cut new lawn

mower cutting newly laid lawn


If you would like a free quote on lawn mowing give me a call.