Aerate your lawn to relieve compaction and improve drainage

What is aeration?


Aeration involves making holes in the surface of your lawn to allow carbon dioxide air out and fresh oxygen air into the soil. Aeration can be performed with a mechanical aerator, which will press steel tines into the lawn through to the root zone underneath.

 hy aerate your lawn? 

 All plants require good quantities of water and air for healthy growth and grass is no different.


Regular aeration of your lawn will:


  • Relieve soil compaction 
  • Encourage new root growth
  • Increase rooting depth
  • Reduce the build up of thatch beneath the surface
  • Improve infiltration of water into the soil
  • Improve drainage
  • Stimulate microbial activity in the soil, which in turn will create a healthier environment for grass to grow



When can you aerate? 

It can be performed almost all year round (soil & weather conditions permitting), with the exception of during very dry periods or when the ground is frozen.