Watering your lawn


How do you know when to water?



There is a simple test that you can do to see if it is time to get start watering the lawn just by walking on it;  


Walk across your lawn and if the grass bounces back a few steps later, then things are just fine. If your footprints stay halfway or all the way down, then it’s time to get the sprinkler out.

What is the best time of day to water?

Either first thing in the morning or late at night to avoid unnecessary evaporation.

Remember that if the ground is very hard it may take repeated attempts to get the ground soft. If you see water running off your lawn or puddles forming then you’re using too much water at too fast of rate.

What can I do to help stop the lawn from burning up?

There a number of things you can do to help your lawn survive a hot spell.

1. Carry on cutting the lawn as needed, but never take more than one third of the growth off and raise your height of cut so you’re not putting the grass under stress.

2. Don’t bag the clippings, as they can provide some moisture and help stop evaporation

3. Keep off the lawn, as the traffic can compact the soil making it more difficult for the lawn to absorb moisture.

4. Aerate the lawn, this will deliver any moisture directly to the lawn’s root system.

5. Scarify the lawn to remove thatch.  


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