Premier Lawns Environmental Policy.


Applies to all of its direct Operations and to services delivered by associated organisations. We recognise that good Safety, Health and Environment management and performance contributes strongly to the success of the enterprise, and our Policy is to:

  • Develop, and implement environmental awareness and responsibility in our own staff and suppliers in normal operations, the implementation of projects and in facilities management.  
  • Account for, and where possible mitigate, possible impacts to the environment during planning, design and execution of operations, project and facilities management
  • Maintain awareness of staff and suppliers to environmental legislation and regulations
  • Develop and maintain staff, and supplier awareness of environmental sustainability. Ensuring best practice with respect to energy consumption, material usage, recycling and waste disposal is adhered to.
  • Establish and sustain an effective programme for the management of Safety, Health & Environmental performance.
  • Encourage team participation in Environmental management and monitoring, and act on valid recommendations for improvement.
  • Comply with relevant statutory regulations and requirements of accrediting organisations
  • Measure performance and progress towards reductions in incidents, contaminating, materials use and energy consumption

The fundamental accountability for this Safety, Health and Environmental Policy rests with the Premier Lawns.

The Proprietor delegates’ responsibilities for the execution of policy provisions to the Quality & Safety Manager and other appointed persons within Premier Lawns