This is a high hedge made from castlewellan golds located in Glengormley that I was asked to give a yearly trim to. We were asked to carry out a reduction on the hedge at the side of the house and reduce it down to the height of the fence and trim the rest.

Before work commenced

high hedge glengormley

The hedge getting cut…


man cutting hedge


The after picture, all the debris cleared away.

high hedge cut

And the left hand side of the hedge has been reduced down to fence height at the owners request.

high hedge cut with section reduced

Our tripod ladders are made for this and let us do the job safely. At Premier Lawns we pride ourselves in leaving the surrounding pavements and gardens tidy of any and all debris.


This is a hedge we cut in  Newtownabbey this year, though not as high as the previous hedge

The client wanted to reduce it down in height to something he could look after himself.


newtownabbey high hedge


newtownabbey waste from hedge


newtownabbey hedge cut reduced