Ivy removal newtownabbey

Ivy can be very destructive, it can get into cracks on walls and over time break things apart. On this project the client in Newtownabbey has solar panels on the roof and he was worried about the ivy damaging it. My brief was to cut it down to above the ground floor window as the client wanted it to remain a decorative feature.

ivy cut back newtownabbey




Tips for growing ivy on your house.

Make sure there are no cracks or loose bricks. Limit ivy to well-built, solid masonry walls, don’t let it grow into the gutters. Keep it away from any wood work. Put a note in your diary to check it on a yearly basis.


Avoid common English ivy is so invasive – Use something else such as climbing roses




This is another project I recently did in Belfast


ivy creeeping into the eves


The ivy was starting to creep into the gutters and eves, however the client wanted the ivy on the side of the house as it hides the pipework. The ivy was cut back from the gutters and trimmed around the windows to let more light into the house.

ivy cut back to stop it getting into the gutters