Lawn renovation cliftonville

moss treatment

This is a lawn we were asked to do some work on, over time the lawn had become very compacted and coupled with the fact that the lawn was very shaded the lawn had started to discolour.

The lawn was treated for moss control, this treatment is left to sit for a week or two as it burns the moss and then aerated, scarified, overseeded and fed with a slow release fertiliser


Heavy scarification

The lawn was then scarified and aerated to a depth of 3″, and over-seeded with a grass seed mixture is specifically formulated to produce a good quality shade tolerant lawn seed mixture to help thicken it up.  We applied a slow release fertiliser to give it some extra nutrients and help improve colour.

It’s important at this stage to keep the lawn watered if there isn’t any rainfall. For this reason I tend to recommend that lawn renovation is only carried out in the Spring and Autumn when it is usually warm and wet.


4 Weeks after renovation done, the lawn has recovered well and is lush and healthy

renovation complete