Lawn renovation Cultra Holywoodyear two


This is a lawn we have been working once ince last year, our brief is to encourage finer grasses to come into the lawn.


Last year it had been aerated, scarified, overseeded and topdressed.

The top dressing was done as the lawn was uneven in places and this addressed that, I felt this year it was not required.


We have been doing this by carrying out yearly scarification and aeration in September followed by over seeding and applying an Autumn feed.


September is a great month to do lawn renovation as the ground is still warm from the summer and is generally damp, with a heavy dew and increased rainfall making the ideal ground and weather condiditons.


The lawn was aerated (hollow cored) to a depth of 3 inches to relieve compaction and it creates a good place for the seed to


germinate and grow safe from the elements.




 Lawn scarification – this picture illustrates the amount of debris generated from one pass with the scarifier in this garden


Cultra lawn scarification



In the picture below you can see the stripped effect that the scarification causes – and the lines in the lawn.

This creates a perfect seed bed for the seed to geminate in and give a much higher take up rate with the new seedlings.

It also removes all the unwanted thatch from the lawn.


scarification complete


The lawn was oveseeded with a high quality mix of fine grass seeds, for this lawn I used 

Slender Creeping Fescue
Chewings creeping Fescue
Browntop Bent – Agrostis


The picture below shows the amount of debris that comes out of one lawn.

Cultra lawn waste