A lawn renovation project – Scarification, aeration, fertilising and over seeding on a moss covered lawn  

This is a project we were asked to do for a client in Jordanstown.

(Pictures below)


The lawn was very thick with thatch and high levels of moss six inches deep.



In cases like this we recommend stripping the grass right back to the soil to remove all the unwanted organic layer, aerating the lawn, doing some more scarification to provide a seed bed and a suitable environment for the establishment of grass seed.

It is important to apply a product to control the moss, generally as these will turn the moss black


The lawn was then overseeded, for this lawn we used a hard wearing Rye grass mixture.


The lawn is then topdressed with a suitable loam soil, it is important to match the correct soil to what is already there as if you choose the wrong product you may seal the surface creating more problems down the line.

Lastly after the loam has been brushed in the lawn was then fed with a pre-seeder fertiliser to promote germination and good strong growth.


This is the lawn before any work was done, when lawns are like this it can make them very hard work to cut. 

thick mat of moss  2 thick mat of moss side


The pictures shows how the moss control has turned the moss black and is now ready for the work to begin.

treated with moss killer and aerated


The scarification begins, you can clearly see the amount of organic waste – thatch and moss that the lawn is generating. All this needs to go.


 lawn scarified  front lawn double scarified


At this stage the lawn has been double scarified and aerated with the debris cleared ready for the seed and top dressing mix.

double scarified and debris lifted


This is the lawn topdressed with loam, overseeded and fed.


top dressed with soil and reseeded


Two and a half weeks later the seed is now germinating and starting to grow.


A month later we now have a lawn without the deep bed of thatch. 

1 month later


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