Lawn nutrition

It’s in the name – LAWN

Light, Air, Water, Nutrients

They are all the things a grass plant need to go, in this article we will be discussing Nutrients.


Nutrients are broken down into two groups Macro and Micro.


The main elements in Macro are NPK;




N – Nitrogen

Keeps the grass plant green and helps with plant growth – Creates a vibrant green plant and keeps it growing.

P – Phosphorus

Promotes root growth – particularly helpful when overseeding or trying to establish new grass

K – Potassium

Improves disease resistance and general plant health – You do not see a visual response however it’s critical for stress relief


An easy way to remember NPK do is – Up, down and all around.



Marco nutrients       Micro nutrinets   

Carbon                                    Iron

Hydrogen                                Zinc

Oxygen                                   Copper

Nitrogen                                 Manganese                               

Phosphate                              Boron     

Potassium                              Chorine