Looking for lawn care advice? Here are five lawn care videos that between them cover everything you need to know about lawn management.

I’m Robbie Lynn from Premier Lawns in Belfast.  I’m a trained greenskeeper, I run a successful lawn care business and I create and publish lawn care videos to help other people achieve their idea of a perfect lawn.

In this blog, I’m going to share five of my lawn care videos that, together will give you all of the basic information you need to renovate and maintain your living garden carpet.

Here’s the first one.

1. Top Tips For Mowing Your Lawn

Mowing is the one thing that can make or break a lawn.  Get it right and you’ll find lawn care is a lot easier than you first thought. Get it wrong and you’ll have more problems with moss, weeds, diseases and weak growth than you every thought possible.

This lawn care video discusses how often you should mow your lawn, correct mowing heights, the best lawn mower to buy, mowing in winter time and the one third rule.

2. How To Level A Lumpy Lawn

To get a nice even cut when you mow your lawn, the surface of your lawn needs to be nice and level. Lumps and bumps in the lawn will lead to some areas being scalped, whilst others have longer grass. What that means is you’ll see a very uneven colour palette.  Longer grass will be dark green whilst the scalped areas will be lighter green or even yellowy-brown. Yuk.

Levelling your lawn needn’t mean digging it all up and starting again. In the second of our crucial lawn care videos you’ll learn how to deal with bumps in the lawn without investing in expensive equipment.

3. Managing Weeds In Your Lawn

Every day I’m asked about controlling weeds in your lawn and not surprisingly, this is one of my most viewed lawn care videos.

In this video I’ll talk about different ways of managing weeds in a lawn. As well as suggesting some cost effective weed killers, I’ll talk you through some of the benefits of having a more biodiverse lawn. You can choose which methods you’d like to try in your own garden.

4. Aerating and Scarifying Your Lawn

Two jobs that will really help your grass plants to grow strongly are aerating and scarifying. Now these jobs – or renovations as we call them – only need to be done once a year. Or maybe twice if your lawn is really struggling. Basically, what you will be doing is improving the way that air, water and nutrients can move around in the soil that supports your grass plants. Healthy, well managed soil = healthier plants and a better looking lawn.

5. Feeding Your Lawn

If you look online you’ll be able to find hundreds of lawn care videos that talk about feeding your lawn. Many of them are sponsored by fertiliser firms as part of their marketing campaigns. This one is completely independent and when it comes to greening up your lawn, it’s the only lawn care video you’ll need. I’m not here to make you part with loads of money. This is a cost effective lawn treatment that I use on my own lawn as well as my client’s lawns. I think you’ll like it too.

So there you have it, the only five lawn care videos you will ever need.  Of course, if you’re really keen on your lawn care and you want to keep learning, you’ll find plenty of in-depth lawn care videos on my YouTube channel.  Subscribe for weekly lawn care updates and use the comments sections to ask me questions.

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