Tipula spp. – Leatherjackets

Common name – Leatherjackets, daddy-longlegs, crane flies


Leatherjackets are unwanted pests that damage a lawn and can also kill or damage small plants in flower beds and vegetable plots by eating the roots and stem bases. They are often more numerous after a wet autumn or wet winter (They do not ten well in cold winters), as damp conditions favour survival of eggs and larvae.


Caused by larval stage of crane flies or daddy-longlegs


Below is a lawn in Glengormley we were asked to treat, you can clearly see the damage that they have caused.

The first two pictures are the damage caused by them eating the roots

Front lawn was very badly damaged by the leatherjackets


Leather jackets in lawn front


The back of the house

damage from leather jackets back


The lawn was aerated, then treated with an insecticide to kill off the leatherjackets, scarified, over seeded and fed to re-instate the lawn.

Below are pictures of the lawn fully recovered.

Front recovered


back recovered